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Benefits of GST

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Why GST is needed?

Experts have already said that implementation of GST is the biggest single reform in India post independence.Many a times the initiative has been taken for its implementation but it could not be matured due to lack of unanimity amongst the states.

GST will be applicable both for goods and services.Implementation of GST will subsume all the indirect taxes like excise duty,CST,VAT and  Service Tax.

Benefits of GST: 

  • Removal of cascading effect is going to happen due to implementation of GST soon.Cascading effect means taxes on tax.Under the current taxation scenario some of the taxes paid on inputs can not be set off against the output taxes.This thing generally increases the cost;
  • Equivalent limit for GST Registration.This means trader of goods or services have to get itself registered under GST Law for a turnover of 20 lakhs. Earlier it was 1.5 Crores,10 lakhs and 5 lakhs  for Excise,Service Tax and VAT respectively. Thus, many small dealers would not come under its purview;
  • Like the present taxation system GST law has also brought in the “Composition Scheme”.It would definitely help the small businesses having turnover ranging between 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs.This scheme is certainly going to ggive a great sigh of relieve to the small businesses.
  • Unlike the current tax regime GST has made the return submission procedure much simpler and lesser  tax compliant.There are a total 11 nos. of return under GST Law but 4 nos. of basic compulsory returns for all the dealers.This will definitely bring down the cost to the every dealers who have a pay a hefty amount for filing various returns for various periods during a fiscal year;
  • Great benefits to the logistic industries. Presently, the logistic industry has to maintain different warehouses across the states to cut the taxes like CST and Entry Tax which led them to run their go downs under capacity and thus increased operating cost. But the implementation of GST has made this process much simpler and has allowed the logistic industries to set up their warehouses in strategic points across the states reducing number of taxable transactions so that they can cut down their operating cost and great opportunity for the economy;
  • One of the most important feature of GST is that “One nation one Tax”.  In current global scenario it has been much needed for India to prevail one taxation structure in one country across the states. GST has subsumed the practice of having multiple taxation rates for same products or services across the states.Thus , bringing greater transparency amongst the tax payers which would definitely help the Govt. exchequer.
  • Further, the GST regime would help the local manufacturers of India to compete with foreign competitors like China,Korea, Taiwan and many more to a great extent;
  • Last but not the least the G.O.I has estimated the implementation of GST from 1st July 2017 would provide Indian economy a boosting of 2 to 2.5% of the GDP;

I would conclude with saying that every new thing has some drawbacks too and GST  is not very much different to that.GST also has got some inherent  limitations lying with its characteristics.

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Input Tax Credit under GST

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GST Input Tax Credit: One of the most important feature of GST is  input tax credit.The term itself suggests that credit will be given for the tax paid on inputs or purchases.Input credit will be given seamlessly across the supply chain i.e. from manufacturer to ultimate consumer.

Fundamentals: When you buy any product or service from a registered dealer you have to pay taxes on purchase or service taken and while making any sales or providing any service,tax is collected and deposited periodically after adjusting the taxes paid on input goods or services.Therefore, the theory is like Tax on sales minus Tax on purchases and the balance collected tax is to be paid to the Govt.Thus, we can say that Tax on output or sales is to be adjusted for tax on inputs or purchases.

Conditions to avail GST Input tax credit: However, the GST law has laid down some conditions which have to be satisfied to avail the benefits of input tax credit.

  • The dealer has been registered under GST Act;
  • The dealer must have a Tax Invoice / Debit or Credit note/Supplementary invoice issued by a registered dealer under GST Act;
  • The said services / goods have actually been received;
  • GSTR-3 returns have been filed by the dealer;
  • The tax paid on the inputs(Output tax for supplier) has been paid to the Govt. by the  supplier;

Thus, the GST law has made it very clear that to avail the benefit of input credit a dealer has to be GST compliant.

Other Features: 

  • A registered dealer is allowed to carry forward input credit or claim refund.If Input Tax is greater than Output Tax= Carry forward input credit or claim refund and if Output Tax is greater than Input Tax= Pay the balance tax;
  • Input tax credit is not allowed on invoices which are more than one year old and the period is to be determined from the date of invoice;
  • Input tax credit is permitted on Capital Goods as well;
  • No input tax credit is allowed after GST return has been filed for the concerned period in September.



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