Best Small Cap Mutual Fund for 2018.

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Best Small Cap Mutual Fund for 2018.


Reliance Small Cap Fund:

Reliance Small Cap Fund(Growth) has been a consistent out performer since its inception.It has beaten the benchmark return every year from its inception since 2010.This fund has been ranked 2 in “Small & Mid cap” category by Crisil for quarter ended September 2017.You may consider investing in this fund keeping in mind your risk profile.Remember that this fund is highly volatile since providing a superior return and if you can digest the market downturn as well then you may go for this fund.

Fund Performance:

Period Return(%)
1 mth 3.7
3 mth 12.1
6 mth 13.1
1 year 50.8
2 year 27.1
3 year 22.7
5 year 32.1
7 year(31.10.2010) 31.14

 Therefore, you can see from above that the return of this fund for last 5 & 7 years have been tremendous. If one can bear the high risk for a longer horizon say 7 to 10 years he may have the probability of earning a good inflation adjusted return.However, one should keep in mind one thing as well that past performance must not be the only criterion for any fund selection.Other factors such as financial goals,one’s risk profile, income level ,time horizon and etc.

Now, let’s see this fund’s  XIRR for last seven years on monthly SIP basis.

Investment Period
Nov 01, 2010 to Oct 01, 2017
No of Investments 84
Monthly SIP ₹2,000.00
Total Amount Invested (Rs) 168,000.00
Total Units Purchased 11,888.12
Investment Value as on Oct 01, 2017 464,180.96
Latest NAV
42.86000 (as on Nov 17, 2017)
The return or XIRR ( XIRR for series of investments) of this Fund for the period 01.11.2010 to 01.10.2017 XIRR =29.14%


The XIRR of this SIP is coming out to be 29.14%.So, you can see that this fund has really outperformed its peers in terms of returns. Also, the return generation (29.14%) is quite attractive as compared to other funds.

Let’s have a look at this fund’s portfolio composition.

The top 10 holdings are shown below.

Top sector wise allocation is given below.

This fund contains high risk due to its inherent investment nature.Investors who are risk averse should not invest in this fund.On the other hand those investors who can bear the pinch of volatility may invest in this fund and they might get a hefty return in the long term.

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November 20, 2017 at 10:49 pm

Nice detailed analysis of this fund… Really liked the charts.. this fund is indeed one of the best funds in the small-cap category. And another important thing about this fund is that it has done well during the bear phases of 2011 and 2015. So, a very good fund to invest in for the long term.
Nikhil (


    November 20, 2017 at 11:36 pm

    Thanks for your complement. Keep reading and sharing if you like this.

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